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Color PVB products

The company has passed the CE certification and ISO9001 international quality system certification. ISO14001 international environment system certification, awarded the "high-tech enterprise

Frosted PVB film

The company specializes in the production of transparent, color, matte, intermediate PVBlaminated glass film, color variety, complete specifications, price concessions, timely delivery, qual

Construction, bulletproof, curtain, safety glass, PVB film

Information Description : With the development of economy, construction and other industries in most countries to promote the application of laminated safety glass in legislative form , whic

Grey PVB film - Huakai manufacturing

Because the PVB film with special physical properties of strong tensile strength, elongation, from one side only is extremely difficult to be laminated glass is cut, the thieves used silentg

PVB film is introduced

safety: PVB glue good toughness, by the external shock rupture in laminated glass, PVBlayer can absorb a large amount of impact energy, and to decrease rapidly, so the sandwich glass is diff

Light blue PVB film

Colors are as follows: deep red, red (red flag), pink, red, coral red, rose red, golden yellow,lemon yellow, orange, light blue, sapphire blue, light blue, dark blue, pure blue, violet, purp

PVB laminated glass membrane

Description: laminated glass using high-level float glass, coated glass, colored glass, LOW-Etoughened glass, heat strengthened glass, curved tempered glass To ensure the quality ofglass pro

PVB color film

Huakai Plastic Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, the registered capital of 26000000 yuan, is committed to the production of a variety of ,

PVB glass film

Huakai PVB film is composed of polyvinyl butyral resin, plasticizer, agent through a polymer material plasticizing tape casting, widely used in the field of building safety glass, automotive

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