Professional agent of a complete set of export customs clear

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Specifically for exportation power plant. Company export doc

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Soft membrane smallpox buckles, high frequency welding machi

WUXI JIUSHUO realize the mechanical and electrical equipment factory specializing in the production of high quality soft membrane smallpox buckles,

Automatic over/under voltage protecting device /protector40A

This product can protect the current safe,when the current is over or under the voltage,this device will work to balance the voltage to make it normal and safe.

Adjustable time-setting switch/breaker 10h max

QJC Adjustable time switch/breaker series pumps dedicated time setting breaker,can set time to 10h max and after 10 hours, the circuit breaker will shut off the power automatically.

Pipe bending machine

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3u gold plated Usb2.0 tape A connector & Terminal

It includes three parts, separated welding design. Process in accordance with the INTEL standard. The tip is 3μ gold plated.

USB3.0 AM TO AM Cable

Designed for hard drive enclosures, printers, modems, cameras, and other SuperSpeed USB peripherals

High Quality Mirco HDMI cable A Male to D Male

Quality Control: 100% Open&Short Test, passed four tests