Portable Roll Gap/ The Openness Measuring Instrument

It can measure the space between the two roll Gap quickly and accurately, which is good for regulating the openness to ensure the quality of casting blank and the equipment running properly

Oxygen lance of the furnace door

Oxygen lance of the furnace door

Portable Electronic Self-aligning Taper Instrument

Self-supporting, self-aligning, and operation simple. Constant voltage makes the reading exact. Adopting to each side of slab and arc mold.

The Environment-friendly and Full-automatic Carton Injection

The Environment-friendly and Full-automatic Carton Injection

Carbon Injection

Carbon Injection

Intelligent Oxy NG-injection of EAF Combustion Technology

Integrating preheating burner, coherent jet oxygen decarburization, and smelting foam slag with the secondary combustion

Slab Arc Al Wire Marking Machine ,south-superb

As the dedicated device of casting blank, the slab arc Al wire marking machine runs steadily

Pulverized Coal Injection for Blast Furnace ,south-superb

Reducing the coke rate of the blast furnace and the cost of pig iron dramatically. Regulating the thermal system of furnace condition effectively.

aluminum bronze Wear Plates

They fully conform to NAAMS specs and are available in plain steel, aluminum bronze with self-lubricating graphite and steel with self-lubricating graphite.

High purity lanthanum oxide 99.999%

Lanthanum Oxide is mainly used in the manufacture of precision optical glass, optical fiber.Also used in the electronics industry for ceramic capacitor, piezoelectric ceramic with agent.

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