I have some wood furniture, how to export to Singapore?

I have some wood furniture, how to export to Singapore?
Singapore is a multicultural country, many Chinese have immigrated to live or work there attracted by its superior economic and cultural atmosphere. 
The commercial activities between Singapore and Chinese are also frequently, when immigrating ,there are many people want to ship some furniture or 
other articles because they are more expensive in Singapore,so how to deal with it? Then Our company can provide you with furniture transportation 
from China to Singapore door to door service,the following are the specific processes: 

The first step:to confirm the customer service staff whether the goods can be transported and pay attention to the packing (both individual and company 
can receive goods without import and export right , we can do all of them on your behalf.)

The second step: deliver the goods to our warehouse,we will confirm the number of goods and the goods'value (7% of the value are involved in Singapore's 
fixed consumption tax) and provide you a cargo list to fill out and return back to us for file.

The third step:before we load the cargo container, please inform us your way of payment is freight prepaid or to collect, if prepaid, please pay the freight
in two days,we are not responsible for the delivery delay if you don't pay in time. To collect refers to the freight charges paid  in Singapore dollar directly 
Shipping needs about 8-10 days, then we will deliver to your door for free with elevator.

The fourth step:Please confirm that whether the number of pieces are consistent with the original and the packaging is damaged, if the above problems appeared, 
you can reject to receive goods and contact us as soon as possible. 

Above is the whole process when shipping furniture from China to singapore door to door service , you should have some understanding after reading, if you need 
help, please call our 24 hours hotline:

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